God is sooo good! I’ve hiked this local trail many times. At the beginning of the trail is a sign that says river otters were reintroduced to the river in the 1970s. I usually pass the sign with just a glance. On my latest hike, as I passed the sign, I thought…wouldn’t it be amazing to actually see an otter.

I sat on a rock to watch a nest I’d spotted. Looking down at the river I saw a piece of debris floating past…until I realized it looked more like an animal. At first I worried it was not alive just bobbing in the rapids. Then it turned and swam upstream.

An otter was playing in the river almost right in front of me. He swam around playing in the water, occasionally diving and coming up chewing on something. Apparently, he got the memo about not using the river as a potty and came to shore for a quick moment. He then dove back in and continued to ride the rapids downstream.

What an amazing moment brought to me by a magnificent God!