Bald and Golden

I was going to visit a Dipper nest I had watched being built a week ago to see if it was still active. On the way I noticed some commotion in the field and stopped. At first all I could see was a dark brown blob on the ground with a few magpies and ravens around it. After looking for a minute I realized it was a Golden eagle hunched on the ground with its wings wrapped around something, a Bald eagle perched nearby.

Excited just to see eagles and eager to watch an interaction between the two species, I pulled over and grabbed my camera. The Golden seemed to be protecting something. It turned out to be lunch – a prairie dog. Over a period of about 15 minutes, the Golden attempted to eat some lunch while working to protecting her prey from the scavengers aggressively trying to grab a bite or two. The Bald made several attempts to get at the prairie dog, eventually successfully driving the Golden off the prairie dog and flying away with her ill-gotten gain.

I am always amazed when God puts me in the right place at the right time to witness such spectacular encounters.