Driving around town I spotted an osprey with a fresh fish. He landed in tree nearby and God supplied a turnout right next to the tree – a great observation spot. I have had people tell me that God does not work ‘that way’. However, I believe that God is in every detail of every moment of every day. 

Anyway, I stopped to observe the osprey – the osprey perched in the top of a ponderosa pine, me sitting in my car. While the osprey ate, several magpies and ravens gathered in the area. The magpies moved back and forth between trees. The ravens started at the bottom of the tree and slowly hopped up branches until reaching the top. I snapped a bunch of photos waiting to see what would happen. The osprey ‘yelled’ at the ravens several times. Finally, with the encouragement of another, a raven went in to snag some fish. My favorite photos are below.