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Mustang Brawl III


Wild Mustangs of Nevada – Choose your favorite for a wild and beautiful print

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In old testament Bible times, horses represented worldly strength, security and victory. A nation with a wealth of horses and chariots was to be feared as the horse brought victory in battle. In the Psalms, we are warned not to put our trust in them (worldly victory) but in the Lord (eternal victory). In Jesus’ first triumphal entrance, He arrives on a lowly donkey, a beast of burden. The donkey is symbolic of His task at hand, to die for the sins of the world. In His second triumphal entrance, Jesus will come on a majestic white horse symbolic of his final victory in the war over sin.   Adrienne Disbrow, A Reluctant Pastor’s Wife

  • This story will be included in the purchase, ready to mount on the back of the photo or on the wall next to your mounting.

Canvas Wrap Print


16" x 24", 20" x 30", 24" x 36"


Unframed Canvas Wrap, Float Frame

Frame Color

Black, Walnut, NA


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