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Revealing God through His Creation

I want to communicate God’s amazing expression of who He is and what He has created.
I seek God’s message or scripture that is revealed by the subject of the picture.

Recent Posts

  • The Bird and the Birdwatcher Regarded Each Other
    Anyone with kids of the right age have seen the movie Babe. In the early county fair scene, Farmer Hoggett picks the piglet up from a box and makes eye contact. The narrator says something like the ‘the pig and the farmer regarded each other’… One winter day, I decided to head down to the… Read More »The Bird and the Birdwatcher Regarded Each Other
  • Moose Quest
    A 15-year journey Moose quest begins It began in 2005 when we moved to the edge of moose country – SW Colorado. Moose were in the area just not in high numbers. So, not likely to wander through our backyard, but go to the right place at the right time…and, well, see a moose. Simple,… Read More »Moose Quest

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