Bird Nerd Blessings

Bird Nerd Blessings A little background for those who are not even slightly bird nerds (which is probably most everyone!). Last winter a phenomenon occurred […]

God Moment

As I was researching my new and renewed hobbies (photography and birding) I came upon a popular location not far from where I live: Bosque […]

Osprey & Raven

Driving around town I spotted an osprey with a fresh fish. He landed in tree nearby and God supplied a turnout right next to the […]


Every now and then, the Holy Spirit reveals a personal epiphany; a thought, point, idea that has never solidified in my brain before that seems […]

An Otter!

God is sooo good! I’ve hiked this local trail many times. At the beginning of the trail is a sign that says river otters were […]

Lesson from a Pile of Dirt

Spring was here and the gardening bug was in the air. The previous year’s garden was, well, unsuccessful.  Tomatoes experienced a hard frost days before […]